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P.U.S.H: Pushing Us & Sharing Hope


P.U.S.H was created in November 2018 as a centralized foundation focusing on inspiring, educating, honoring and advocating for women across Galveston County. 

P.U.S.H. is dedicated to being a voice for women who have historically been voiceless; moreover, a voice to those who have lost hope. Through our service efforts, educational opportunities, The Legacy Walk, mentoring programs and various outreaches, P.U.S.H. will work toward the progression of black and brown women for the betterment of the culture. We also vow to not lose sight of our brother’s in the process of bettering ourselves. 

Thus, P.U.S.H. will serve as the umbrella foundation for Tray’s Way Scholars and other projects that incorporate the communities that impact black and brown women. P.U.S.H. is dedicated to pushing us forward while sharing the hope that is needed to endure OUR journeys as we live out loud.

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P.U.S.H Foundation Official Announcement


La Tosha Holmes MSN, CPNP


  P.U.S.H Foundation Co-Founder 

La Tosha Holmes is a native of Galveston, TX. Ms. Holmes holds a master 's degree as a pediatric nurse practitioner and bachelors of science in nursing. As a mother of two daughters , Ms. Holmes enjoy raising them and teaching them about life progressions. She has been apart of the nursing field for over 13 years and is involved in higher education as a clinical instructor for the University of St. Thomas nursing program. Ms. Holmes  is a very  humble and passionate individual, that P.U.S.H's herself  to motivate and inspire others. Ms. Holmes mission is to build a strong platform to shed a positive light on the women of Galveston County and to increase awareness of strength in numbers. Ms. Holmes  vowed to continue to be an inspiration, motivator, educator as well as advocate for those who have not yet gained the strength to do so for themselves, she is a true P.U.S.H Angel.  

What Ms. Holmes has to say about her Co-Founder

Dr. LaToya S. Mills-Thomas

I'm so excited to be working with such an amazing and successful woman.  I admire her drive to help others to in the Galveston county community . She is an inspiration to me and other for her dedication to education not only her but others. Dr. Mills-Thomas is a true P.U.S.H Angel.

Dr. LaToya S. Mills-Thomas


    P.U.S.H Foundation Co-Founder 

Dr. LaToya Mills is a native of Galveston, TX. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational leadership and a master’s degree in Social Work. Dr. Mills-Thomas has over 15 years of experience in the field of social service and higher education. She is passionate about the lives of people and has served people both domestically and abroad. Dr. Mills- Thomas continued passion is to motivate, educate and advocate for those who have not yet gained the strength to do so for themselves, she really is a P.U.S.H Angel. As a wife (Sidney) and mother (Prince-Manuel), Dr. Mills-Thomas favorite past-time is enjoying a nice meal in a beautiful atmosphere with her family and friends. Oftentimes, this just means staying at home and cooking (she cooks ya’ll) with a nice bottle of wine, positive energy and laughter.

What Dr. Mills-Thomas has to say about the Co-Founder. 

La Tosha Holmes

I’ve never met someone so ambitious and motivated as LaTosha. She is so inspiring, OMG! Our familial backgrounds, kindness and desire to win are our commonalities. It’s a joy to witness her P.U.S.H through every obstacle and come out on top! & have I mentioned her shoe collection, a girls dream.