The P.U.S.H Angels Scholarship program was established to provide assistance to minority women who have difficulty pursuing their higher education dreams because of financial need. The P.U.S.H Angels scholarship is available to minority females of all ages. For selected recipients, the P.U.S.H Angels Scholar will receive a minimum of $500 per academic year. The scholarship will be disbursed directly to the scholar upon verification of school enrollment.


1. Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at an institution of higher education 

2. Student has a need for academic support 

3. Student has financial need

4. Priority consideration given to females from a group historically underrepresented in higher

education (African American, Hispanic, and American Indian).

5. Must be a Galveston County resident

P.U.S.H Angels Application Checklist

1. Submit the P.U.S.H Scholars Application

2. Show completion of FAFSA Application 

3. Show proof of college acceptance/enrollment 

4. Submit 1 Page Essay

Selection Process

1. Selected scholar must complete an in-person or telephone interview

2. Selected scholars must submit a written thank you letter upon receipt of scholarship  

P.U.S.H Angels Scholarship Requirements

1. Must be a minority female

2. Must maintain at least a 2.5GPA (for continued disbursement)

Must participate in P.U.S.H Foundation annual Legacy Walk as a volunteer 


Open April 1st - July 1st 2019

Click on the link below to access scholarship application. 


Scholarship Essay Prompts

1. In a brief 500 word essay please let us know how you are committed to #PUSHINGForChange within your family and/or community?

2. In a brief 500 word essay please let us know how you exemplify being a woman/man who is dedicated to PUSHING further?

3. In a brief 500 word essay please let us know a challenge that you have PUSHED through and came out on top? How are you still PUSHING today?