To inspire a healthier community by advocating for gun violence prevention and awareness.  

To be a supportive platform  for minority youth males.   

Tray's Way Foundation

Clarence James Humphrey "Tray"

Tray’s Way Foundation was created in October 2018, to honor the legacy of Clarence “Tray” Humphrey and other individuals who have lost their life to gun violence. Tray’s life was truly an inspiration to all who encountered his presence. He was a supportive father, significant other, son, and brother. Many regarded him as a motivator and a self-starter. Tray was full of life and always pushed himself beyond limits; which resulted in him being a great provider and the protector for his family and friends. His past encounters in life never kept him from striving for greatness while still inspiring others. Clarence “Tray” Humphrey can best be described as the nine “C’s”: 










Tray’s Way Foundation goal is to bring awareness to the rising rate of gun violence, not only in Galveston County, but in the United States holistically.  According to recent data collected by the Gun Violence Archive (2013), in 2018 there have already been 45,951 deaths related to gun violence.  This number continues to increase daily. 

Clarence James Humphrey                              
12/19/1982 - 07/23/2017

Clarence James Humphrey 12/19/1982 - 07/23/2017

Tray's Way Scholarship



Tray’s Way Scholars was established to provide assistance to minority males who have difficulty pursuing their higher education dreams because of financial need.  The Tray’s Way scholarship is available to minority males of all ages. For selected recipients, the Tray’s Way Scholar will receive a minimum of $500 per academic year. The scholarship will be disbursed directly to the scholar of verification of enrollment. 


  1. Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at an institution of higher education 
  2. Student has a need for academic support  
  3. Student has financial need
  4. Priority consideration given to males from a group historically underrepresented in higher

      education (African American, Hispanic, and American Indian).

  1. Must be a Galveston County resident 

Tray’s Way Scholars Application Checklist

  1. Submit the Tray’s Way Scholars Application
  2. Show completion of FAFSA Application 
  3. Show proof of college acceptance/enrollment 
  4. Submit 1 Page Essay

Selection Process

  1. Selected applicants must complete an in-person or telephone interview.
  2. Selected Scholars must submit a written thank you letter upon receipt of scholarship  

Tray’s Way Scholars Requirements

  1. Must be a minority male
  2. Must maintain at least a 2.5GPA (for continued disbursement)
  3. Must participate in Tray’s Way Foundation annual Legacy Walk as a volun

Open April 1st - July 1st  2019

Click the link below to access scholarship application. 

Scholarship Essay Prompts

1. In a brief 500 word essay please let us know how you are committed to #PUSHINGForChange within your family and/or community?

2. In a brief 500 word essay please let us know how you exemplify being a woman/man who is dedicated to PUSHING further?

3. In a brief 500 word essay please let us know a challenge that you have PUSHED through and came out on top? How are you still PUSHING today?